Be Agile – Work Anywhere with hot-desking

by PP Editor
Be agile - hot -desking

The modern workplace has evolved. Many organizations today, favor a more flexible office plans like open office plans, shared co-working spaces and hot-desking compared to the traditional cubicle-style workspaces.

Agility is the watchword in business, and that’s for a reason. While the neck-breaking pace innovations and technologies are disrupting industries, organizations must as a matter of survival, adapt quickly to these changes or risk losing out.

One way entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies can embed agility in their operations is to reassess how their people work. A move towards flexible work arrangement will not only make businesses more agile but also help boost productivity.

Take, for example, hot-desking provides a conducive work environment with all the amenities one expects in an office without the hefty rental fees and maintenance hassles that often accompanies traditional office spaces.

Whether you run a location-independent business that gives you the freedom to travel the world over or your employees do a lot of traveling, hot-desking can help you and your people stay grounded while on the go.

Interestingly, hot-desking by its nature does not tie you down to a particular workspace – an essential feature, especially when you have to work or meet clients in a different part of town.

But aside from the points above, hot-desking has some other benefits you may want to know about.

Improve productivity

Be agile - hot-desking

Let’s face it. You want to make the most of your working hours, whether you are a freelancer with several clients or an employer with staff in multiple locations. According to a study by Psychologist Susan Pinker, workers’ productivity tends to increase by up to 20% when they can interact with their peers.

How does hot-desking come in? You see, studies have shown hot-desking encourages collaboration and interaction between different team members. As people move around teams and departments, they interact with others they wouldn’t have talked to if it were otherwise.

For self-employed and freelancers this means they can conveniently find workspaces that can fuel productivity. They also gain access to a professional business address and enjoy the company of other professionals. 


Office rentals and maintenance is one of the highest expenses in most organizations. However, with the trend towards remote work, your need for large office space is greatly diminished.

Another way to cut costs on the workspace is by allowing staff to work wherever they want. Think about it, the traditional office assigns a specific spot to employees, and these spaces remain empty when the employee is not available. However, hot -desking eliminates this type of wasted space and helps organizations optimize their office.

Greater autonomy to staff

We now know, at least from studies, that one of the real secret to employee happiness and a sense of wellbeing is having autonomy in daily operations. Employees are looking for roles where they can control their destiny and where some of their ideas and decisions are implemented.

Hot-desking scores very high on the staff autonomy scale. As studies have shown, changing sceneries and environments can improve creativity.Be agile - hot-desking coffee

While hot-desking offers businesses and freelancers an opportunity to work from conducive workspaces, be sure to conduct your due diligence to be sure the service provides everything you need to work.

So, coworking space saves you time and money and it’s the best option to keep you grounded, focused. Purple Patch provides an affordable workplace for individuals, start-ups, SME’s, larger enterprises and corporations alike – there is a place for everyone, whether you are looking to grow, sustain or off-site your work.  Feel free to do your virtual tour and get in touch with us for more information or book a free visit.  See you in the next article where we will have some thoughts about staying agile during the Covid-19 crisis!