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Staying focused in a coworking environment

by PP Editor

Staying focused in a co-working environment is very important. Changes in work practices, largely driven by technological advancements in the business environment, mean that video conferencing replaces travel and that collaborative work can happen even from opposite sides of the globe. Hence, traditional models are no longer the only, or indeed most suitable, approach to … Continue reading Staying focused in a coworking environment

To Find The Perfect Office

by PP Editor

I find with offices that I am more than a little picky, you think that all you want are a few simple basics but it turns out that none of the shared or small office providers want to provide what you want in the way you want it

Make a Small Change

by PP Editor

Anyone who’s ever worked in a drab office, lastly decorated in circa 1980, will tell you that being in an environment like that is about as inspiring as mopping a kitchen floor. But there is a simple thing you can do to help make your working environment more Google Office than Council Office: colour! You … Continue reading Make a Small Change