Coworking space: all about shared offices

by Admin PP

Freedom, flexibility and social interaction make life easier for professionals and companies, especially those who choose the coworking space model. But, do you already know this work environment? Then, find out everything you need to know about it!

We have gathered information to help micro and small entrepreneurs to understand the concept of collaborative workspaces, the financial implications of change and the characteristics of coworking spaces users. Check out below everything you need to know about it.

What is a coworking space?

The concept emerged in San Francisco, in 1999. The term was used to designate collaborative and virtual work environments. Since then, shared workspaces have grown all over the world.

Nowadays we would define a coworking space as an office shared by different groups of professionals who can work on their own or in groups, both for third-party companies and for their own business. They are freelancers, independent professionals, entrepreneurs and start-ups who rent a desk or room in a shared environment. Therefore, coworking is nothing more than offices that can be shared between professionals, from freelancers to large companies, all in the same environment.

Shared Office

This way the professional can have a space inside a coworking office, which allows having a fixed place to work, but without the disadvantages of having an office on their own. Besides, it is a good option for home office workers.

How it works

Unlike the rental of a commercial room in a set of offices, coworking space is hardly defined as commercial space rental, although in fact it is. This distinction happens because the relationship that the coworking develops with its customers is significantly distanced from the relationship that a landlord has with his tenant.

In addition to having a space and a network of contacts at their disposal, the shared offices also have events for associated entrepreneurs, such as lectures, meetings, debates and celebrations.

Available Resources

The resources available in each coworking space may vary. In general, they are included in the Wi-Fi connection, power and water supply, private closet, and the workspace, which can be fixed or mobile.

Some shared offices may have additional services such as a meeting room, private team room rental, parking, living space, kitchen, coffee, bike parking and virtual office.

Many coworking companies also offer services such as mail handling, community events like happy hour and lunch, reception and cleaning serviceCoworking Space

Is Coworking worth it?

A survey conducted by Lyndon Garrett and Peter Bacevice for the Harvard Business Review revealed some curiosities of professionals working in a shared office:

People who use coworking spaces see more meaning in their work

The collaborative culture makes professionals feel more motivated to look for help and help coworkers. Because there are several companies and professionals sharing the same space, the meaning of each one’s work stands out.

Coworkers have more control over their tasks

There are spaces that operate 24 hours a day. This flexibility of time means that the entrepreneurs can take a break for the gym anytime or work from home.

However, Harvard’s research revealed that, despite valuing autonomy and independence, coworkers are also able to create structures in their professional lives. The survey respondents stated that being part of a coworking space with other professionals gives more meaning to their daily routines.

Coworkers feel part of a community

Although they follow the same premise, each shared office can offer a different proposal. So the entrepreneur can choose which coworking space is the best option for his business.

So, whether you’re someone looking for flexible working solutions somewhere in the city, a business owner looking to work alongside others entrepreneurs, or a director looking to immerse your enterprise in the very best London has to offer, simply get in touch and find the perfect home for your company – or a space for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage.