Healthy workplace habits to cultivate for coworking spaces

by PP Editor
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There are many advantages of working in collaborative spaces, but cultivating good habits is essential to promote a healthy workplace and friendly atmosphere. They are visited by different professionals – lawyers, architects, engineers, designers, journalists, advertisers, translators, salespeople and many others.

Below are 3 habits that you should adopt in coworking environments. Follow us!

  • Organise your space

Remember, space is collective. Furniture and utensils are often shared, so avoid stacking books, documents or other papers around you, as it can make the environment look disorganized and cluttered.

  • Respect timetables 

Know your coworking space’s operating schedule and don’t assume you’ll be warned by an employee before the site closes for the day. Respecting the rules ensures good relations in the working environment.

  • Keep your voice down on the phone 

Although we know that making some noise is inevitable in a coworking environment.

Sharing and Caring tips. Keep reading!

Be nice 

Greeting the person next door with a simple “Good Morning” and “See you Tomorrow” can trigger the beginning of a professional partnership or even a friendship. Startup businesses are multidisciplinary, and you never know when you’ll find yourself beside someone with great potential for your company. Think about it!

Asking for help

Read the guide boards and look closely at the instructions before asking for help in any given situation. Most of the problems you’ll encounter can be solved by reading the guides.

Use headphones 

Listening to music while working can be very pleasant, but musical taste varies greatly from one person to the next.

The kitchen is also shared 

Organise the kitchen after you’ve used it. Respect the property and don’t even think about touching someone else’s snacks from the fridge, even if you are tempted!

Interact with others

Save time on your agenda for social interaction with your fellow coworkers. Some coworking facilities Meeting and interactionoffer eating spaces or canteens where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or even happy hour. Take advantage of these opportunities to interact with new people, it’s key to a healthy workplace.

Surely if all these habits are practiced within the coworking environment, we will have a spectacular environment for synergy and collaboration. In addition, this will contribute to productivity and a professional environment.

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