How to make the most out of Clerkenwell as a business

by PP Editor

Clerkenwell is perfect for business

Making business in Clekenwell is worthy. Clerkenwell’s reputation for the fastest increasing businesses in the city is remarkable. It offers an extraordinary convergence of structural calls and it is an ideal location in the London boroughs of Camden/Islington, making it uniquely positioned in Central London.  Its close proximity to renowned theatres, independent cafés, starred restaurants and bars also make it an ideal spot for impressing clients and for team building activities. From there it’s a simple walk to the river Thames, the City, the East and also the West End. Also, Farringdon, Barbican, Old Street, Angel and King’s Cross stations are in the area, so transportation to your Clerkenwell workplace and to the City is not an issue!

How to make it work for your business?

  • Choose the ideal office space

Need to find a place to work? In Clerkenwell, there are many coworking spaces within easy reach. When choosing where to do business, Clerkenwell meets all the right criteria and it’s home to a variety of opportunities. Many technology startups were born in Clerkenwell. Clerkenwell is also home to many of the main architecture companies in London, graphic design studios and furniture showrooms! Big companies that operate in an innovative market, from the photography area, fashion designers and footwear came to live there. Not surprisingly, it remained the third most searched region for creative and Tech companies looking for office rooms in London, just behind Shoreditch and Soho.

  • Explore the area with your Team and Clients


Clerkenwell is full of cultural treasures. Sadler’s Wells Theater is one of the finest modern dance venues in the world and its trendy initial performances attract half a million individuals every year to its shows. Another attraction would be to read poetry on Free Word on Farringdon Road. And we can’t forget the Karl Marx Memorial Library. In a series of annual events and exhibitions, the award-winning Clerkenwell Design Week presents the best of local and international design. For a historical exploration of the area it is also possible to book Guided Tours into Clerkenwell, which some of our Clients really enjoyed on their first month at Purple Patch.

Food and Drink

For your lunch times, Clerkenwell offers many market options as it is home to three of the best food markets in London. Exmouth Market is located on a street with trendy cafés and restaurants such as Caravan and Moro in the core of Clerkenwell. Many different types of cuisine are available ranging from Greek, Indian, Italian and Chinese. Leather Lane Market offers an eclectic range of stalls, from handbags to freshly squeezed juices.

Restaurants-wise region has a prosperous global cuisine and some of the finest restaurants in the capital are Polpo and Sushi-Tetsu. The Eagle on Farringdon Road, is still powerful, which is often claimed to be the first gastropub.

the eagle

The Peasant and The Easton are excellent options as well. Many pubs in Smithfield open ahead of schedule for the customers – some from 5.30am. Smiths of Smithfield is open from 7am and does extraordinarily throughout the day.

Nature and Environment

When spring and summer arrive why not take advantage of the green and airy spaces with the team?  We have found a list of 10 of the best parks and forests in Clerkenwell. Also, for your daily commute we recommend you take advantage of the cycling routes into the area – never mind the weather!  Cycling is not only great for fitness but it boosts your mood and productivity at work. Our clients trust us on this one – at Purple Patch we offer free bike storage, lockers and shower, so no need to sweat it!

Network with others

Given Clerkenwell’s thriving business community, it’s not hard for new entrepreneurs in the area to find relevant events and workshops. London Borough of Islington runs events of some sort to support businesses. In the meantime, the neighboring center in Barbican offers a wide variety of movies, music and arts. In a series of annual events and exhibitions, the award-winning Clerkenwell Design Week presents the best of local and international design. These present a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and share some ideas.Business Meeting

Clerkenwell is a great place to settle business, startup or professional activity, where can be found exciting places to work. Such a place full of innovative and traditional companies has many business opportunities to offer for start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. If you are thinking of starting your business in central London, Clerkenwell is a great option. Purple Patch can give you a hand with its shared office solutions. Come to visit us for free and completely without obligation.