The Perks of Getting Back to Business (IRL)

by Admin PP

As the country is opening up, having face-to-face meetings is becoming an appealing option for many teams. Most of us are now very familiar with Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams, despite being a tad tedious; video conferences are undeniably very convenient. There are however some clear advantages of meeting in person, so we thought to share our ideas to help convince those of you who are still feeling a little apprehensive to attend a meeting in real life (that’s right, without wearing your PJ bottoms!)

Be Prepared

First of all, if the meeting you are planning is short and well organised with a clear agenda, it will save your company money! How? First of all, in-person meetings are more productive. We also get most of our new ideas from being in different spaces and environments, so leaving your home will help the team be more creative. And in face-to-face meetings we tend to avoid distractions (ie. social media, the laundry, the Amazon delivery!). This means more focus and the ability to have more in-depth discussions.


A second point we would like to highlight is that seeing your clients, customers, and colleagues every once in a while, will encourage them to form bonds of loyalty and trust with you. The beings that we are have unique emotional connections with the people, brands and businesses we work with. This connection can hardly be made through email or call as we miss out on all the nuances of body language, humour and tone. Furthermore, to share your time with someone is literally a way of proving that you are really interested and dedicated to them and their cause.


Last but not least, how easy is it to communicate face to face! There is no need to say: “Please unmute yourself” or to speak louder for people to hear you, or even worse the dodgy connection and the dreaded and indecipherable alien voice. A smile is felt even while wearing a mask. And will say a lot more than many words. Conversation goes to the main point; it flows naturally, and all notes and actions are clear as water.

Are there any extra advantages you have found or maybe something you really miss from the days of times gone by when we all sat in rooms together?

At Purple Patch we understand that whilst you may still be working from home for some time longer, you are likely to need a meet up every now and then with your clients and team members.

If you would like to test our advantages of, face to face meetings out we are offering our building as a safe environment to do, with various room styles and different sizes. Please drop us an email and we will be happy to inform you about our availability, Covid-19 risk assessment, our Covid Policy and prices. Our rooms are compliant with social distancing and can be hired on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly ad-hoc basis – No need for long term costly contracts. We are happy to suit your business needs!