The time is nearly here

by Admin PP

To celebrate 17th May and getting back to business; we’ve discounted our pricing and adjusted our offering to further support our clients and their businesses in a big way.

It’s also been such a long time so we thought a short reminder of Purple Patch’s focus, services and highlights would be timely.

Since inception Purple Patch has always been focused on supporting the local London community and a wider client base; this focus is at the core of who we are. When designing and furnishing the space we utilised the skillset of our client base and businesses in the local vicinity. When catering for events, meetings and conferences we always source from delis, eateries and food stores on our doorstep (of course providing the tastiest selection!). This effort extends to our encouragement for customers to visit the local delis and eateries, and to support the wonderful collection of independent shops and markets within a stone’s throw of our building. We have a great relationship with nearby local residents and a number of our team live in the local boroughs. We have always housed charities too – we like to do our bit. Ultimately, we care greatly about the impact our company has in the immediate community and beyond.

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As we move further into ‘the new normal’ we are hoping to return to holding events, conferences and meetings in our space. Real life human interaction has been much missed and having the opportunity to safely spend time with colleagues and clients face to face will undoubtedly have a positive impact on all businesses. We are also offering hot desking and workplaces for teams needing to regroup and focus in person, and for those not quite ready to come into town we can provide a virtual office address too. Our team of social butterflies are hungry to get the buzz back into the building and help with all of your requests and business needs whatever they may be.

It goes without saying that we have adjusted our health and safety policies to ensure that coming to Purple Patch is a safe and welcoming environment for all, and we will continue to review and monitor this. For those who have had enough of their home working set up, you will be pleased to hear that our internet is as fast as it comes, our space has acoustic design features so you can focus without distraction, we even provide free tea and coffee and offer catering services too if required.

As a small, independent and family run business we are so relieved to have weathered the storm of Covid-19 this far. We look to the future with hope, and we are using this viewpoint to ensure that our decisions and business choices are well placed. We hope that as London is waking up and being revitalised that Purple Patch is at the core of having a positive impact on the community.

Please get in touch to arrange your team catch up meetings, conferences and events or to find a revitalising place to work.