What types of companies can use the coworking space?

by PP Editor
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Shared workspace offers a number of advantages for growing businesses and professionals who want to maximize their flexibility.

The number of entrepreneurs and professionals working outside the conventional office environment is increasing.  For them, the most common alternative is usually the home office – but many consider it to be an isolated and counterproductive way to work.

That is why many independent professionals have opted for a co-working space, or a shared workspace.  Even so, there is always that question: is this an appropriate option for your company or professional activity?

In addition to knowing the features and benefits of shared workspaces, you will also see in this post the types of companies and professionals that can take advantage of these environments.

What are the benefits of a shared workspace?

Coworking offers a number of benefits for growing businesses.  The following are the main ones:

Cost reduction

In a coworking, everyone shares the same environment and contributes to the rent payment.  It means meeting rooms, internet, water, electricity and telephone are used by all and have their costs divided.

This dynamic allows for good expense savings, which ensures higher profits for your business.

Professional Networking

It is always very good for the career to establish new professional contacts.  By bringing together people from various industries, a coworking space helps a lot in this task – and also helps to make new businesses.Shared workspace on Purple Patch

Interaction with professionals from the same area

Even if you don’t want to share your space with professionals from other areas, you can still invite colleagues who work in the same industry but have other specializations.

This practice allows you to provide a much more complete service and improve service to your customers.

Fixed Address

A professional with a fixed work address tends to be much more credible than a freelancer who works from home.  In addition to solving this problem, the coworking space also allows you to better separate your personal and professional life – for example, preventing the inconvenience of a customer popping into your house at an inappropriate time.

Prime location

Often considered a decisive issue in the success of a business, location is another advantage of co-working – after all, they are generally available in places with large numbers of people, such as central city regions. Xi Wong at Purple Patch statesLocation was a prime consideration for the next office. Xi Weng at Purple Patch states “Location was a prime consideration for the next office. I wanted to find an area that future members of the team would be excited to work in, so I opted for  Clerkenwell  due to its transport links and the food options in the area. I was thrilled at the feedback from my team members – they love how convenient it is”.

What types of companies can take advantage of these features?

Many issues must be taken into consideration when choosing a shared workspace.  Reflecting on the way you work, as well as the purpose of your business, is a good start.

Check, for example, whether the space you want meets your needs.  Do you often need to meet with partners or customers?  Some prefer environments with a good offer of meeting rooms or offering private spaces.

Coworking is very beneficial for start-ups, especially SMEs and startups.  But even big companies like IBM, Verizon and Microsoft have partnered with coworking spaces to support innovation and brainstorming.

Which people can also use coworking?

It is not just companies and entrepreneurs who can take advantage of coworking: many groups of people can also enjoy these benefits. Check it out:

Remote workers

While some workers can operate efficiently from a home office, many experience lower productivity because of the abundance of distractions or sense of isolation.

Coworking spaces are an excellent choice for these people as they offer a good structure without negatively affecting their freedom.

People who travel

Generally located in large metropolitan areas, coworkings are a great choice for roadside professionals.

What’s more, these spaces are infinitely superior to what most hotels and cafes offer: high-speed connectivity, cutting-edge technology, and all the professional services anyone might require.


Students, perhaps more than any other group, can benefit greatly from the social and collaborative environment of a shared workspace.  After all, in addition to being able to benefit from the guidance of many professionals, they can also make connections that can help them in a future career. This is offered at Purple Patch  from £5 per hour!


Working for many different companies or clients, freelancers often suffer from a lack of structure – something that coworking spaces have to spare.

Coworking is a good way for freelancers to stabilize while still maintaining the level of freedom they are used to.

People who work in conventional offices

The last group that can benefit from coworking is that of people who work in conventional office settings.  There are many advantages to leaving your usual office from time to time to work in a shared location.

Because they do not have a traditional corporate environment – often marked by direct competition -, coworking spaces allow workers to abandon any unnecessary “characters” that might affect their productivity.

In addition, the diversity of professions and individuals found in these environments can give rise to insights that would not normally occur in the common office setting.

Have you realized how a coworking space might be the option you were looking for your business or professional activity?  If you want to go for this experience, please contact us and visit our coworking environment.  We have a range of coworking options that can be suitable to your needs. See you in the next article!