Why opt for flexible working?

by PP Editor
Flexible Working

Have you heard of flexible working? Flexible work has become increasingly common, affecting work time or even replacing the physical office with the virtual one. This model has also become a trend among companies and professionals seeking a real balance between personal and professional life. This is a model of managing people that more and more companies are adopting, which is to reduce the employees’ work time or to make the agreed schedules more flexible.

Some companies may find flexible hours functionality impossible, but the model relies heavily on the company’s own cultural renewal to make it work.

Let’s understand why this model is becoming popular.

Benefits of Flexible Working for Business

Flexible working is part of business modernization. With so many digital innovations, it is becoming increasingly viable to remotely deliver and receive work and demands over the Internet.

But not only that. Many tools allow you to successfully manage jobs and people, either at different times or at a distance. A company that opts for employee flexibility is also opting for management and technology innovation.

This flexible working modality has gained the spotlight with giant companies like Google. They are increasingly showing how productive this model is.

The most obvious advantages are more engaged and satisfied employees. This increases productivity and decreases common problems such as delays and even internal errors.

Advantages for employees

The worker will have more autonomy over his own work and his time. Thus, more time should be left to spend with family and personal projects. Also, it is common to note that employees are more dedicated to daily demands if they can choose the best time to accomplish them.Flexible working on Purple Patch

With this, you can see increased productivity and decreased stress. This flexible working model tends to make employees happier. Therefore, it is normal for them to increase their engagement with the company and the brand itself. The professional has the freedom not only to choose their place of work but also to set the start and end time of their daily tasks.

Why adopt flexible working?

A survey by Robert Half International reveals that flexible working hours are the most valued benefit for employees. 88% would like to have this flexibility to perform their daily tasks.

That’s why flexible working hours are full of advantages and a great weapon for retaining talent.

This model, commonly associated with technology companies, is seen as an innovative and differentiated work alternative.

The flexible working has been increasingly embraced by successful companies that show incredible modernization, not only for branded consumers but also for future and prospective employees.

Many big companies are learning this innovative work model from startups. Thus, they have the opportunity to prepare for the arrival of a young workforce already fully immersed in technology.

How companies can endorse it

Knowing the benefits that flexible working can offer your business, you need to keep in mind a few points before implementing it. So to help you with this challenge we have listed below the steps you need to implement the flexible model in your business.

  • Define the flexible working model with rules and standards. Choosing the periods the employee will need to attend in the company and the home-office days. Besides defining if the employee has full autonomy in working hours or if the company has participation in this decision.
  • Evaluate which sectors can adopt this model. Since in some cases, such as telemarketing or in areas where daily face-to-face customer contact requires the employee’s presence in the company, this model does not fit.
  • Create the proposal and expose the benefit to all employees and evaluate acceptance.
  • Formalize flexible working hours with your employees and the union to avoid future problems.
  • Adopt an electronic point control, where the markings are made via tablet, PC or Smartphone. Many even offer an “anti-fraud” system, since at the time of marking the GPS points the location of the employee, making it easier to view the manager in the future.

Flexible working hours are becoming a trend. It not only offers greater autonomy and flexibility but makes employees happier and engaged.

All in all, flexible working offers a ton of benefits for business owners, freelancers, and employees. At Purple Patch we’re providing the tools to help managers and members who want to adopt this recent model of work.

The instant culture, community, and amenities provided at a coworking space makes for a more enjoyable, collaborative employee environment than a traditional cubicle office setup.

We believe flexible working is the future of work. And you, what do you think of this idea? Have you worked or worked with this model? Want to implement it in your business? Book a visit on the form below and come see how at Purple Patch we can offer the best of shared offices to implement the flexible working model in your business.